How can you support a project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform?

Platin Hero provides sponsors with a revolutionary crowdfunding model: for the first time in history, you can support projects without risking the loss of your funds. Platin Hero sponsors don’t need to send their funds anywhere – they simply freeze the funds on their wallets until the project financing deadline. If a project is successful, sponsors receive an additional 10% per annum from their frozen amount – this is implemented through the blockchain technology ingrained in the platform.

In this article we will give you a detailed breakdown of how you can become a sponsor on the Platin Hero platform and start making money by supporting projects.

It is easy and profitable to support projects on Platin Hero. Try it now!

  1. Register.
  2. Select one or more crowdfunding projects that you like.
  3. Choose the amount of PLC coins that you are ready to freeze, in order to support the project.
  4. If the founders of the project that you selected offer you a choice of awards, select an award.

What bonuses are available for crowdfunding on Platin Hero?

  • Reward – some projects give their sponsors gifts that will differ depending on the amount of support.
  • 10% per annum of the frozen amount of PLCs used to support the project when the project collects their target amount! If the project does not collect their target amount before the expiration of the time period, specified in the description, the funds will be simply unfrozen in the sponsors’ wallets as stated in the smart contract. Please note that users receive rewards only for donations made with PLC tokens.

So, in order to support a project you will need to be a registered Platin Hero user. After registration, you will have a personal account where you can track the status of the projects you support. Then there are a few more simple steps:

  1. On the main page of the site you will find a catalog of crowdfunding projects listed by category. Choose a project that you are interested in and support it. We are sure that you will find many unique projects here worthy of your attention and support.
  2. Choose a support method and donation amount. Then click DONATE to go to the page with the QR code of your smart contract.
  3. Scan the QR code in the PLC Wallet application and confirm the conclusion of a smart contract for the selected amount. Important! The support of projects and the conclusion of smart contracts on Platin Hero are carried out through the PLC Wallet application. To support projects, download the application and add PLCs to your wallet.

After making PLCs available to a project you will become its supporter. You can support an unlimited number of projects. All of the information about the projects that you support will be available in your personal account.

Donations with Donation Points for PLATINCOIN users

PLATINCOIN users have access to another way of making donations – Donation Points. When purchasing a PLATINCOIN Minting Unit, users receive 20% of the payment in the form of Donation Points, which can be used towards donations on the Platin Hero platform in a 1:1 ratio.

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