Top 8 crowdfunding projects – 2020: absolute leaders in collections

Crowdfunding has been one of the most popular ways to attract investments to implement projects that do not have sponsors or sufficient financial support. For several years now, ordinary people have helped to implement brilliant ideas and change our world for the better. At the end of 2020 we’ll tell you about the eight most popular projects, which have collected an order of magnitude more than originally planned and therefore have become leaders in the crowdfunding world.

Terraplanter – raised $6.39 million

Terraplanter is a new product developed by American New York-based researchers which allows to grow plants at home without soil, pots or boxes. It is an extremely topical idea, given the growing interest in an environmentally friendly lifestyle and reducing consumption. It is no surprise that this project is on top of the rating. But how exactly can we do gardening without the usual components? Terraplanter is a special ceramic vessel, where a plant can develop without soil – water poured into the flask is absorbed by the relief porous walls. They, in turn, are impregnated with useful minerals that keep the plant alive and provide it with regular nutrition without 24-hour human supervision. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to grow ‘capricious’ plants at home, which should be cultivated only in fields and plantations, such as corn, for an example.

OYO NOVA Gym – raised $4.41 million

OYO NOVA is a portable gym that provides a full range of strength training wherever you go. You can install it right at home and forget about fitness clubs forever, or take it with you to work or on vacation. The fitness machine weighs only 1.12 kg and folds to such a compact size that it will fit in any bag and not cause serious problems. In the best traditions of the 21st century, the portable gym is, of course, complete with a mobile application to help you track your physical activity and choose a suitable training program. Some of them are designed for several months, so with a competent approach you can leave your expenses on a personal coach behind and easily get in shape without one. 

Creality CR-6 SE Leveling-free DIY 3D Printer – raised $4.38 million

You can guess from the name that Creality CR-6 is a 3D printer. However, what makes it so unique as to put it in the third place? True, 3D-print technology cannot be regarded as something new and unavailable: for a long time anyone had a chance to buy a 3D-printer for home use. However, in contrast to this innovation, the old 3D printers are quite complex – both in terms of assembly and their use. Creality CR-6 offers the first 3D printer to be assembled in just 5 minutes, so that you can immediately begin to learn the possibilities of 3D printing, even if you are a beginner in this area. Many other printers also wear out over time due to the nozzle clogging (the device through which the printing fluid is fed), and as a result, print quality deteriorates. To solve this issue, the Creality CR-6 is equipped with a special Tru-Leveling-Free-feature, which allows for very accurate and quality long term performance.

Makeway Magnetic Marble Track – raised $2.39 million

Makeway Magnetic Marble Track is a special magnetic track designed for specific purposes. Which ones? Do you remember all those popular YouTube videos where the ball rolls on different surfaces, overcoming obstacles and causing a chain reaction of surrounding objects? According to the idea of Marble Track’s creators, their project allows you to easily recreate similar conditions in any environment – at home or at the office. With their track attachable to any ferromagnetic surface, you can arrange an exciting intellectual race for yourself and others. You can play alone to train your brain and come up with the most successful route for the ball, do it with your colleagues and friends or at a noisy party. For example, mark the route end at a certain point in the room – the winner is the person whose ball reaches it in the most complex, sophisticated and beautiful way.

The Misen Carbon Steel Pan – raised $2.19 million

The Misen Carbon Steel Pan is a solution for cooking enthusiasts who want to feel like Michelin chefs. As you know, professional premium chefs use kitchenware made of carbon steel, which is much more expensive than conventional utensils. At the same time, it can greatly facilitate cooking and make it as fast and convenient as possible. The creators of The Misen Carbon Steel Pan promise a frying pan that combines all the features of non-stick coating, stainless steel and cast iron, but at the same time it is offered at an affordable price: you can buy it for just $55 and feel like a true chef.

Mendi: Real Brain Training — raised $2.14 million

Mendi is a device that allows you to professionally train your brain to improve performance. As a rule, technologies like Mendi are available exclusively at specialized clinics, where a session may cost several hundred dollars per hour. Of course, Mendi also requires a sizable investment, but it’ll be by far less costly, anyway. At the same time, its functionality is exactly the same as that of medical devices.

With Mendi you can monitor your brain activity and train at any time: a special headset analyzes brain activity by measuring blood flow and oxygen saturation of the prefrontal cortex (PFC). The brain activity result is then visualized in a training game, controlled only by the brain. It is assumed that after such training, a person eventually learns to independently saturate his/her brain and improve intellectual performance. 

Nebia by Moen – raised $2.03 million

Nebia technology has been developed over the years with one single goal in mind – to reduce water consumption without compromising hygiene. After all, many of us prefer to take a shower for more than 5-10 minutes, and during that time a huge amount of water goes into the sewage system, which is a waste of environmental resources. Nebia’s creators have achieved outstanding results by spraying and breaking down water into smaller droplets. This technology creates a feeling that more water is being used with less water actually needed – and this is, in fact, a small but very important step in solving many environmental issues. 

Orba – raised $1.44 million 

Orba is a compact musical instrument that fits in your hand, but at the same time combines a synthesizer, a magnifier and an MIDI controller. This innovation enables anyone to start creating music even if they have never played a musical instrument before. Orba allows you to perform your favorite song in no time, switching between different musical parts and superimposing them on each other. Touch sensors easily detect any pressure: moving fingers in a circle, you can imitate playing the piano, the guitar or any other string instrument. Your fantasy is the limit for music playing with Orba!

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