Help the residents of Yakutia deal with wildfires and get a chance to win an apartment, a car, and other great prizes!

Dear friends!

Welcome to Platin Hero – a revolutionary crowdfunding platform where both projects and sponsors win! Today, to celebrate the final large-scale launch of the platform, we are organizing a grand charity promotion!

We will direct all our efforts towards the project we have chosen to support, and we plan to reach our goal as soon as possible. This is a charity project to help people living in Russia, where many wildfires are currently ravaging the country. These aren’t tiny bonfires, but literal walls of fire stretching for kilometers. Seven thousand hectares are currently burning in Karelia, and 1.5 million hectares have already burned down in Yakutia.

Millions of people living in these areas desperately need our help, and they especially need financial assistance. Here at Platin Hero, we’ve decided to direct all our energy towards this charitable crowdfunding company.

Time is of the essence in such volatile situations, so we’ve decided to get as many people to donate as quickly as possible by combining this charity project with a raffle draw for awesome participation prizes and an exciting promo, which certainly won’t leave you feeling indifferent! Spoiler alert: one lucky winner will receive an apartment in their country or city!

And now, it’s time to share the conditions for our promotion! 

Help the residents of Yakutia deal with wildfires and get a chance to win an apartment, a car, and other great prizes!

  1. Purpose and participants of the raffle draw
    1. The purpose of the draw is to direct users’ attention to especially significant projects.
    2. The draw is open to anyone who registered on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform, purchased an Instant Minting Unit, who minted and froze coins towards the project.
    3. The cost of the purchased IMU does not matter: you can still participate if you have purchased the most basic package for 10 euros. Please note that only purchases made with cash, fiat, bitcoin or AdvCash will be considered.
    4. If you are reading this text and you haven’t registered yet, make sure to ask the person who told you about us for a link! 
    5. Minors, persons with limited legal capacity and incapacitated persons is prohibited from entering the draw.
    6. The following groups are prohibited from participating in the draw: – employees of the company organizing the draw; – spouses, as well as close relatives (mother, father, brothers, sisters, children) of company employees; – persons who do not meet the conditions or do not comply with the given Conditions.
  2. Obligations of the participants of the draw
    1. Read the official conditions of the draw.
    2. Receive information about changes to the Conditions of the draw.
    3. Observe and comply with the Conditions of the draw.
    4. If the Participant of the draw is determined as having the right to receive one of the prizes of the draw, the Participant is obliged to perform all the necessary actions for this, specified in the Conditions of the draw.
    5. Provide the Organizer with the right to use personal data provided for participation in the draw, in particular, to use the Participant / Winner’s name, surname, photograph, interview, or other materials for advertising purposes, including the right to publish their name and photograph in media, any printed, audio and video materials, interviews with the media, including the right to video filming of the Participant / Winner during the live broadcast of the draw on social media, in particular in the social network Facebook, without restrictions on the territory, period and method of such use, free of charge.
  3. The rights of the Organizer of the draw:
    1. Refuse to issue a prize to a Participant who has not fulfilled all the conditions specified in the Conditions of the Draw correctly and in full.
    2. Refuse to issue a prize to a Participant who does not meet the requirements of the Conditions of the Draw.
    3. For the Participant to receive a prize, the Organizer has the right to require additional documents from the Participant, to confirm their identity
  4. The duration of the draw and the location of the determination of the results of the draw 
    1. The draw is individually assigned to each crowdfunding campaign. The period of the Draw corresponds to the period of the campaign and ends automatically upon the successful completion of the campaign. The draw will not be held if the campaign was not completed successfully and the charitable goal was not achieved.
    2. The draw can be terminated or extended by the decision of the Organizer.
  5. The prize fund of the draw consists of:
    1. 2nd Prize: 100 iPhone 12 smartphones (value up to € 1.300)
    2. 1st Prize: 50 MacBook Pro laptops (value up to € 1,500)
    3. Main Prize: 5 Cars (value up to 45.000 Euro)
    4. Super Prize: 1 apartment (value up to € 100,000)
    5. The prize fund is divided into prizes and a super prize, quantities are limited and amount to the specified number of prizes.
    6. The first, second and main prizes are drawn for the lots.
    7. The Super Prize is awarded for Super Lots.
    8. Super Lots can only be obtained for invitations and participation in the promotion.
    9. The organizer of the draw reserves the right to change the amount of the prize fund of the draw, or include additional Prizes that are not included in these Rules.
    10. The appearance of the prizes (shape, size, color, price) may differ from the appearance of the prizes depicted in the information materials of the Draw, on the website and on pages in social networks.
  6. Additional advantages
    1. The participants of the draw do not spend their coins, they simply freeze them for a specified timeframe.
    2. Upon successful completion of the project, project participants receive a minting profit in the form of 10% additional coins from their frozen PLCs.
    3. An increase in the price of the coin can offer additional benefits
    4. Each participant receives a free test farm for a period of three years as a gift.
  7. To participate in the draw, the participant must fulfill all the following conditions (actions):
    1. Register on Platin Hero.
    2. Download and install the free PLC Wallet application.
    3. Log in to PLC Wallet and assign the main wallet.
    4. Purchase an instant minting unit for at least 10 euros with one check during the period of the draw.
    5. Get PLC coins and freeze them all from the main wallet in favor of the project.
    6. Coins are frozen for at least 1 year or for the duration of the project.
    7. Old coins are not eligible for the draw. To participate in the draw, you need to freeze new coins minted from the Instant Minting Unit.
    8. The participants of the draw must be personally present at the time of the draw or have the opportunity to receive a call from the presenter.
    9. The identification of the winner of the draw is carried out by the organizer using a verified account and the address of their main wallet, which prove their identity.
    10. Upon delivery, the winner must sign a receipt for the prize.
  8. Conditions for determining the winners of the draw
    1. Participants’ addresses are subject to the number of lots received. 1 PLC corresponds to 1 lot. And one lot, in turn, offers one chance to receive a gift. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of lots per participant! Yes, you understood everything correctly: an IMU purchased for 100 PLC gives you 100 lots, which means that your address participates 100 times in the draw. And 6000 lots will increase your chances to win an apartment by a factor of 6000!
    2. After payment and activation of the Instant Minting Unit, coins will be minted to your main wallet – these coins need to be frozen on Platin Hero. Please note that lots are awarded only for coins minted through the Instant Minting Unit product.
    3. After the successful completion of the project, the winners will be determined live and by random selection of participants’ addresses. The process of determining the winners will be conducted and announced live on Zoom and on social media. The results of the draw are final and not subject to any appeals. The organizer of the draw guarantees the objectivity of the determination of the Winners.
    4. The chance to get a super prize will be given to those who received super lots or, in accordance with the conditions, personally invited 10 participants to the project, and these 10 new participants will purchase an Instant Minting Unit for at least 10 euros and make a donation towards the project.
    5. Participants must purchase an Instant MU and make a 100% minting donation to the project in order to qualify for superlots. 
    6. This draw is fully consistent with the concept of mutually beneficial assistance at Platin Hero: we provide our partners from all over the world with the opportunity to do good and win prizes at the same time! 
    7. All participants who have fulfilled the conditions of the draw will get a chance to win an apartment and other gifts, and most importantly, all coins are simply frozen on the participants’ wallets and remain in the possession of donors, and after they are unfrozen they can be easily used again! It’s time to show the whole world what we are capable of! Participate in the promo as soon as possible and be active – every minute is precious to us!
    8. The organizer of the draw does not enter into any disputes regarding the recognition of any persons as Participants / Winners of the draw and the rights to receive prizes. The organizer of the draw is not responsible for determining the rights of the parties in any dispute.
    9. The winners of the draw are responsible for all their tax liabilities.
  9. Terms and procedure for receiving prizes in the draw
    1. During the online broadcast and the announcement of the results of the draw, the presentation of the Prize of the draw will take place within the next 30 working days.
    2. Replacing prizes with cash is not allowed. Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
    3. The organizer of the draw is not responsible for the impossibility of providing the Winner with the opportunity to receive the Prize for any reason beyond the control of the Draw Organizer, including if the contact address, name and / or surname, telephone number or other way of contacting the Winner of the draw are incorrect and / or illegible, altered, etc. In this case, such Winners are not entitled to receive any compensation from the Organizer of the draw.
    4. The organizer of the draw is not responsible for the further use of the Prizes provided.
    5. The organizer is not responsible for the actions of third parties that have led or may lead to the loss of data that make it possible to participate in this draw.
    6. The Organizer is not liable in the event of force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, fire, floods, hostilities of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in the territory of the competition, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer of the competition.
    7. The participant of the draw acts personally, on his own behalf, voluntarily and independently. The participant of the draw assumes all risks of responsibility and consequences associated with possible participation in the draw and receiving a prize.
    8. By participating in the draw, each Participant confirms that he is familiar with and fully agrees with these Conditions and will comply with them, that he is familiar with the rights that relate to his personal data, and he consents to provide his voluntarily provided personal data to the organizer of the draw by any means for marketing, informational, advertising and / or any other purpose that does not contradict the legislation of your country, in particular, but not limited to, for holding this draw in accordance with the official Conditions (determination of the participants in the draw who have the right to receive Prize, preparation of statistical information, etc.).

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