Project Wallet: How it works?

How it works?

Dear PlatinHero Project Owners! We’ve made a brief description on how Project Wallet is connected to your Campaign:

1. To start a Сampaign on PlatinHero, a Project Wallet should be created and linked to the project.

2. You can create one easily right away by clicking Generate on Start Page. That will generate a Wallet on the blockchain. Upon clicking on Generate button, you can now view all the information on your Project Wallet

Project Wallet: How it works?

3. Now, as your Wallet is created, it will automatically connect to your Project by clicking on “Set as Project Wallet” on the bottom of Generate Menu. Be sure to save your all of your new wallet details, including Private Wallet Data!

Project Wallet: How it works?


4. You should be careful: access to the wallet funds is totally in YOUR hands. Ultima Wallet is not a bank or a currency exchange platform. We do not store your keys, funds or passwords. This means that it is impossible for us to access your data: recover keys, reset PIN or return transactions.

5. All the funds donated to your Campaign will be available on the Project wallet as the Campaign closes.

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