Interview with Platin Hero founder Alex Reinhardt for Blockchain Life Forum

We’re only a few days away from one of the most massive blockchain forums in the world – Blockchain Life in Moscow, which will bring together more than 4000 participants, including both industry professionals and beginners. The forum will be valuable for everyone, regardless of experience in the industry: beginners can learn about the most relevant trends and ways of earning money in the industry, while professionals can expand their list of contacts and build new partnerships.

Each year, Blockchain Life invites various guests to the forum, from powerful crypto industry players setting trends in the industry to new and promising projects. This year, the organizers of the forum invited the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform to join as a key partner of the event. Despite its recent launch, our platform has already garnered significant interest from the blockchain community.

The organizers are also offering an exclusive 11% discount to Platin Hero partners and users. It can be applied by entering the promo code ‘platinhero’ when you buy tickets on the official website of the event —

Alex Reinhardt, the founder of Platin Hero, gave an interview to the organizers of the forum, where he talked about the history of the platform, the difficulties encountered by the team while developing it, the main problems with crowdfunding and the blockchain market and how Platin Hero solves them. Click on the link below to see this interview.

For those of you who would rather read instead of watching, we have prepared a text version of the interview:

Hello, everybody! I am Alex Reinhardt, serial entrepreneur, creator of the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform and the Platincoin cryptocurrency.

Platin Hero is a unique crowdfunding platform that uses the advantages of Blockchain technology and smart contracts to raise funds for all kinds of projects. Platin Hero is not just a new look at crowdfunding, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, network business and online marketing. It is a completely new insight into how people spend, invest and achieve financial freedom. 

Any project will be able to raise funds on the platform – already operating SMEs and large businesses, as well as charitable campaigns, startups and innovative ideas. Whatever you have created and what you need funds for, please remember that you can find financial support for your ideas on Platin Hero. We have practically no restrictions for projects – only your imagination sets the limits!

How did the Platin Hero project emerge? 

I came up with the idea to create a crowdfunding platform already five years ago. Why crowdfunding? The fact is that I came across dozens of talented inventors, businessmen and startups with absolutely brilliant ideas, but they failed to raise money to implement them. I came across unique projects with a big potential for their markets that had to close for one reason – the lack of funds. All this upset me incredibly, and then an idea came to my mind to start helping talented and smart people and startups to raise funds and give them a chance to translate their ideas into reality.

One day I came across the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, and it shook my mind! It got me thinking about the way to realize my dream of supporting projects through technologies, giving all talented people a chance to get free funding. 

Together with our team, we designed an implementation scheme and were ready to launch it, as an event crucial for my idea occurred – crowdfunding became a licensed activity. I faced a choice: to lose time and money by spending 2 to 5 years to get a license that costs millions of Euros or to postpone the launch by focusing on a project that people could benefit from right away. 

As a result, I decided to postpone the launch of the crowdfunding platform and focus on the PLATINCOIN project. Initially, PLATINCOIN was supposed to be just an internal unit of account allowing to make transactions between countries. Using cryptocurrency as the main unit of account could eliminate a lot of problems – interaction with banks, freezing of accounts and payments. But most importantly, it could become a bridge between countries. It could become a platform without borders, where people in India could support projects from Switzerland and vice versa. PLATINCOIN has become a unique tool that has given us an opportunity to avoid all these restrictions.

Today, over 600 thousand people from different countries use PLATINCOIN products. We grow fast and operate in more than 120 countries; we are enjoying incredible growth. PLATINCOIN itself is just a small part of my entire concept. The strongest part of the whole cryptosystem is the crowdfunding platform. 

Thanks to blockchain technology, Platin Hero doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of regulators in any country, which means we don’t need to get expensive licenses. The point is that as soon as you start making any transactions with other people’s money, you need to get a license. And this, as I said earlier, means years of waiting and millions of Euros. However, thanks to the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts, we were able to create a business model of the platform that does not need such an expensive license. 

In fact, Platin Hero users do not need to send coins anywhere – all they need is to freeze them. In short, the process looks like this – a person buys PLCs, selects a project that he wants to support, and freezes PLCs in his wallet in a smart contract to support it. When the project successfully finishes fundraising, the smart contract will automatically distribute the newly created coins between the project and the user who supported it; the blocked funds will be unfrozen in the wallets. As you can see, you don’t need to send coins anywhere – they remain in the user’s wallet all the time. New coins are born in smart contracts during the freezing period.  

I believe that the ingenious solutions underlying the platform will enable Platin Hero to gain a leadership position in its market. 

Challenges in developing the Platin Hero platform 

Perhaps the biggest challenge was to find a way to finance projects without putting sponsors’ money at risk. Our task was to guarantee complete security to the platform users so that they could have full control over their resources. To figure out how it would work, and then to implement all this in technical terms became a true challenge for our team. But we have overcome it, and today our platform is already popular and successful all over the world! I believe that our project will prove its worth very soon, so that more and more people from all over the world will use it. 

What problems does Platin Hero solve? 

Crowdfunding as a project funding model has been very popular for the last ten years. Projects around the world were able to raise millions of dollars, but investors were faced with the fact that some startups never got off the ground and only a few of them are a success. On average, only one in 10 startups manages to become commercially successful. As a result, investors in startups often lose their funds. The accumulated experience of failure has made people distrustful of crowdfunding. 

It turns out that traditional crowdfunding is beneficial only for projects. However, they also lose the collected funds on the commissions charged by the platforms and banks. On Platin Hero, as I said before, not only projects can earn money, but also users who support them. At the same time, to earn on a project, you do not need to finance it – you can just recommend it to other people and get a percentage of donations. Thus, the platform offers users two earning models – and this is why it is so popular.

I am sure that the crowdfunding model implemented in Platin Hero will restore confidence in crowdfunding as a project financing option. 

What is Platin Hero’s contribution to the blockchain industry? 

Unfortunately, the world has so far failed to fully appreciate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. All that most people have seen is the incredible market volatility and huge investment risks. The industry is growing and fresh money is coming into it, but most people still believe that the only thing that cryptocurrencies are for is fast growth and quick wealth. However, all of them grossly underestimate the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

In fact, blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring freedom to projects, people, and countries. Of course, if you know how to use them. Platin Hero platform does not promise you a tenfold profit, but it can help you realize your dreams, improve your financial standing, and find the means to implement your ideas. We give everyone a chance to realize their potential and make a difference. 

Platin Hero shows to the whole world the potentialities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, what freedom these technologies can give both to ordinary people, big businesses and even entire governments. It is easy to get advantages from Platin Hero – the main thing is to start thinking not about how to make big money, but how to bring a maximum benefit to people. Then everything will work out.

Are there any risks in working with Platin Hero?

It is no coincidence that we’ve built our platform on blockchain, as it is today one of the most reliable and safest technologies in the world. Its core feature – decentralization – makes it virtually invulnerable. 

The only possible risk of working with Platin Hero is a drop in the coin price. However, there are two key points that make a drop scenario unlikely. First, each new project on the platform attracts sponsors who buy coins to support it, which in turn increases the demand of the coin. Freezing the coins to support projects decreases the number of coins in circulation, thus reducing supply. A rising demand and a shrinking supply always pushes up the asset value. At the same time, as the popularity of the platform grows, our community expands, providing additional stability to our coin and minimizing the risks of its value decline. 

What are the main issues in today’s crypto market? 

The first and the most important problem is a lack of confidence. Millions of people have lost their money due price fluctuations, having failed to cope with their adrenaline. In fact, people often lose their money not because of the market, but because of their own adrenaline and inability to keep in check their emotions. This is not surprising – when an asset loses up to 50% of the price, a protective mechanism and a desire to save what can still be saved is activated. I keep repeating to people the most important market rule – the price always recovers. However, millions of people either do not know or do not believe in this rule, and as a result they lose their money. 

The second market issue is a lack of infrastructure projects. Cryptocurrency creators do not care how and where people can spend their coins; they do not create convenient products for users. 

The third issue is the crypto market’s instability in general. In principle, it constantly collapses and is built anew every year. It grew and fell. And every time its participants try to build a new market on the wreckage of the old one from what is left. Seeking fast ‘grey’ big money, they almost always fail.

Everything will work out when the crypto market participants turn things around and start to solve problems from the ground: “What can we give people? What is our project for? What market problems does it address?”

That’s why we’ve created our Platin Hero platform the way it is. Where else are coins frozen to prevent fraud and all other kinds of interference? We pay a reward for recommending projects. It is a free-of-charge platform where people make money.

What other advantages does the Platin Hero platform offer? 

One of the most important advantages of our platform is that to support a project you need to freeze coins – and this is a signal to the market that the coin is in demand.  To participate in a project, users need to freeze their coins for the period specified by the project creators. 

Thus, the supply shrinks, the price goes up, the demand rises, and the price grows again and this increases the chances of the coin price growth. We invite you to grow with us – it’s cool, it’s profitable and it can change your life!

Why you should visit the Blockchain Life Forum

This will be the third time we participate in the Forum – we attended it in St. Petersburg and Singapore. We’ll be in Moscow this time.  This is one of the most exciting events in the crypto industry, whose organizers select professional speakers. The Forum attracts enthusiastic people, blockchain evangelists who want the industry to develop and grow, to enable the world to finally grasp the full potential this technology can bring to businesses and ordinary people. 

If you participate in the Blockchain Life Forum, I invite you to visit booth. When you get acquainted with the project, you’ll realise that it is easy to be a hero who supports cool ideas and helps the world to change for the better! 



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