How to start a fundraiser campaign on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform?

You’ve got an idea, but not enough funds for its implementation? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! With Platin Hero, you can obtain financing for almost any idea. The platform brings together sponsors from all of the world who are interested in supporting startups and early-stage projects. In this text, you will find detailed instructions for launching your project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. You will find out how to register on the platform, how to correctly fill all the mandatory fields, and how to describe your project to inspire the maximum number of sponsors to finance your project.

Any project, from a technological product to a charity event, can raise funds by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Platin Hero. The most important thing to do is to make sure that it complies with the law and the rules of the platform. Applying for a fundraising campaign takes less than one hour — you will need to upload an attractive description of the project (videos, photos, texts, important links) and determine the reward for your sponsors (for example branded merchandise, tickets to an event, or early access to the project’s product).

So, let’s analyze the whole process step by step:

1. First you need to register on the platform.

2. Once you have logged in, select “Start project”.

3. Now fill in and upload all of the required information about the crowdfunding project. Add the following details:

How to start a fundraiser campaign on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform?

Basics – basic information such as:

  • Title and a brief description
  • Video. Note that statistically, videos about products are 4 times more popular than text descriptions!
  • Photo. Most people are attracted to visuals. This means that the best way to convey information to them is to use beautiful photos, infographics, or diagrams.
  • The financial goals of the fundraising campaign. Set a minimum amount required to successfully complete the fundraiser.
  • Project Wallet. The wallet which will receive the PLCs that will be sent when your project reaches the fundraiser’s target.

Please note that you need to indicate the minimum goal for the success of the project in euro. From here on out, all support for projects on the platform is carried out in PLC. You will find out immediately what amount of PLC you need to freeze, since you have set your goal in euro.

  • Fundraising period. Remember that projects with a collection period of less than 6 months cannot be hosted on the platform.
  • Category. The category helps people who are interested find your project.

4. Determine the reward for your sponsors. It can be merchandise with the logo of your project, tickets to your events, or early access to the application – it all depends on the type of your project.

5. Once you have filled in all of the required information, you can submit the crowdfunding project to your account manager for review. The account manager will become your main assistant and will help you use all of the necessary tools. All of this information will be available in your personal account.

6. You are done! Your project has been added to the catalog. You can share a link to your project on social media networks, post it on forums, and send it via messenger services.

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