How to start a fundraiser on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform

Do you have a great idea, but no funds to implement it? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! At Platin Hero, you can find funding for almost any idea. The platform has brought together sponsors from all over the world, looking to support startups and new projects. In this guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to launch a project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. You’ll find out how to register on the platform, correctly fill in all the necessary fields, and describe your project to attract as many sponsors as possible.

Any project – from a tech product to a charity – can launch a crowdfunding campaign on Platin Hero, as long as it complies with the rules of the law and the platform. You can create a fundraising application in less than an hour – simply upload an attractive description (videos, photos, texts, important links) for the project and indicate rewards for sponsors (e.g. branded merch, event tickets, early access to the product). Please note that the project description must be in English.

How to create a project on Platin Hero

It’s easy – just click on Start Project on the main page, then follow the steps to enter all the necessary information for your project launch.

How to start a fundraiser on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform

Step 1

Click on the Start Campaign button. This will open a form which will prompt you to enter the name of the project.

After you enter the name of your project, you’ll see a new window asking you to edit information about the project.

The first step is to upload a high-quality picture that will represent your project in the platform directory. It must be eye-catching, with a resolution of 1336 x 1002.

Create a URL for your project page, to ensure that it can be easily found by your community.

Make sure you include a link to your uploaded video describing your project, a short description, and your project category.
In the Fundraising section, indicate the amount of money you want to raise.

In the next step, you need to indicate the wallet and the public key for the project, which will be used to organize fundraising. In case you don’t have a wallet, you can create one using the built-in wallet generator.

How to start a fundraiser on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform

The generator will create a wallet and corresponding private keys. This wallet will be used to receive coins from sponsors, so make sure to pay extra attention to this point. Save all data in a secure location to ensure the safety of your funds.

Next, specify the fundraising period (note that the minimum period on the platform is 6 months).

Step 2

Go to the Details section and provide information about the project, including a description, external links, FAQs, and files. Make sure to cover all the details: project creator, concept, idea, value, team members and their achievements, roadmap.

Note that the community really likes projects that have as much information as possible – so the more detailed your description, the better your chances of raising funds for your project.

Step 3

Now it’s time to set up rewards for donors. Remember, valuable rewards can make your project stand out from the competition. This might be merch with your project’s logo, tickets to events, early access to the app – it all depends on your project type.

Step 4

At this stage, the platform will prompt you to fill in your profile. Add your name or the name of your company, a profile picture, and any other relevant information.

Step 5

At this stage you’ll see how your project will look after it’s posted on the site. After that the project will be sent to the Platin Hero administration for verification. If you have any questions, support representatives will contact you to clarify them.

Please note that we ban projects that are illegal or potentially dangerous for donors. Prohibited project types include:

  • Gambling and lotteries.
  • Offensive materials.
  • Political campaigns.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Narcotics.
  • Weapons and accessories.

Your project will be published as soon as it is verified. Please note that it may take some time to verify the project.

You can start a project on Platin Hero right now — visit the platform, fill in all the required information, and start finding sponsors!

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