PLATINCOIN: brief history, how it works and what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies

You are currently on the website of one of the flagship projects in the PLATINCOIN ecosystem – the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. PLATINCOIN is one of the most sophisticated blockchain ecosystems in the contemporary cryptocurrency market. The ecosystem is centered around the PLATINCOIN cryptocurrency, which is surrounded by an infrastructure of several dozen technological products which are currently used by over 600 000 people from 120 countries around the world. The coin is among the top 300 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization according to Coinmarketcap. The asset is traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges, and on most of them it is a stablecoin traded at €5. Over the next couple of years, the company plans to increase the community to 5 million, which will result in the exchange rate reaching the value of €10.

In this text, we will introduce you to the core PLATINCOIN products, we will tell you about the unique blockchain, introduce you to the project founder and our greatest achievements that we are most proud of.

Unique proprietary blockchain

Our founders came up with the idea behind PLATINCOIN back in 2016, and the first implementation was created in 2017. In 2018, we launched a unique blockchain based on deflationary CoinBase transactions.

Their main advantage lies in the following: whenever each new block is closed and a certain amount of commissions is reached, some of the coins are destroyed. As a result, the PLATINCOIN blockchain solves one of the most common problems with blockchain – inflation.

Unique smart contract technologies

Smart contracts are one of the most secure and reliable instruments in the crypto world. At PLATINCOIN, these instruments work for users and coin holders, providing transparency and predictability of working with PLATINCOIN.

PLATINCOIN smart contracts guarantee maximum security for users. When concluding a smart contract (either for minting or donations), all coins remain in the user’s property.

Technology for passive income creation

Blockchain made minting technology a reality, offering a unique method of extracting cryptocurrency, which allows participants in the process to automatically get rewards for the amount of coins stored on their wallets.

Minting is the process of generating new coins in the Platincoin blockchain. Unlike existing types of mining that don’t offer guaranteed rewards, Platincoin minting offers a 30% annual interest rate on your stored coins. What’s more, minting does not impose restrictions on the number of participants or on the capacity of equipment. The main condition for participating in this process is to own a certain number of coins.

Today, PLATINCOIN offers a flagship product called the Minting Double Pack. This is a complex technological product based on the minting technology, which offers the opportunity of multiplying your investment in the long term.

Minting on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform allows you to earn 30% of the amount of coins in the smart contract. ⅔ of the 30% is sent to the project, while ⅓ of the 30% is distributed among users. That’s why you need to freeze a sum that is five times larger than the required amount for successful minting.

Convenient apps with intuitive interfaces

The PLATINCOIN ecosystem includes two apps – PLC Farm and PLC Wallet. These apps are essential for making money with minting.

PLC Wallet is a convenient modern cryptocurrency wallet for storing, receiving, and sending PLC. The app also facilitates the process of smart contract creation – you only have to click on a few buttons. You can download it from the App Store or Play Market.

PLC Farm is an app that offers access to the minting process. The app makes it possible to create smart contracts in the PLATINCOIN blockchain, which in turn guarantee the minting process. PLC Farm can also be downloaded from the App Store or Play Market.

Opportunity to pay for real products with coins

POS terminals have been installed in dozens of retail outlets, where PLC holders can pay for products with the PLC Wallet app installed on your smartphone! Simply bring your mobile phone close to the terminal.

You can also pay with PLATINCOIN in vending machines, which are also installed around the world. You can use your smartphone to pay for snacks, ice cream, or drinks!

Recognition from the global crypto community

PLATINCOIN is listed on major exchanges, including Bibox, Bithumb Global, Coinsbit, and others. In April 2020, the Coinsbit Store marketplace was launched, where users can buy products from major online stores like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao, and Shopify for PLATINCOIN and other cryptocurrencies. Coin holders will have access to the entire product ranges presented in these stores – from concert tickets to domestic appliances.

Opportunity to make an income from all transactions in the blockchain

The PLATINCOIN engineers have made a great breakthrough – they discovered that commissions on all transactions in our blockchain can be represented and allocated to a limited number of places in the blockchain. Our experts have also managed to technically implement the option of personalization and identification of these places, while these block-places can distribute commissions among specified users. This discovery prompted the creation of a new PLATINCOIN product – places in the blockchain, which allow users to become real co-owners of the blockchain and start earning on all transactions in the network with no restrictions!

Thanks to the work of the company’s engineers, Platincoin became the first and – so far – the only crypto project, where users can privatize the blockchain and profit from all transactions in the network – from commission payments, payments for products, deposits and withdrawals on exchanges, all transactions in POS terminals and cryptomats, and, of course, on millions of minting transactions!

Own marketplace

One of the projects in the PLATINCOIN ecosystem is PlatinDeal – a global marketplace, where you can use PLC coins to buy and sell any products or services. The platform works in four community languages – English, German, Russian, and Spanish. PlatinDeal has only been active for several months, but dozens of thousands of members of the PLATINCOIN community are already using the platform.

On PlatinDeal, any member of the PLATINCOIN community can become an advanced merchant – the platform offers all instruments that are necessary to create a convenient online store. Buyers don’t even need to register on the platform.

Today, PLATINCOIN is a unique brand that has been around since 2016. It represents products that allow users to generate a passive income; several patented technologies; POS terminals in hundreds of sales outlets; a proprietary crowdfunding platform and a global marketplace!

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