Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.

A joyful little boy who lost the ability to speak.

Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.

We are an ordinary family from Yekaterinburg. Originally, we are from different cities. We were into sports.

Mom – Galia. She was born in Bashkiria, used to do acrobatics and dancing. She worked at the State Pension Fund until 2016. She is now unemployed.

Dad – Dmitry. He was born in Yekaterinburg, he is an International Master of Sports of Russia in sports aerobics and Master of Sports in weightlifting. He works as an instructor in a fitness club.

They went to college, got married. They really wanted and were looking forward to having a child.

A boy was born, Kirill. He was growing strong and healthy.

Until recently, Cyril walked, stepping on his heels with both feet. He smiled, babbled, built a pyramid when he was not a year old. Doctors observed his curiosity and never mentioned any problems.

However, one day our life changed dramatically…

At the age of 11 months, we got to an infectious diseases hospital with otitis media (ear inflammation). The pediatrician insisted on vaccination.

And just after a month, Kiryusha changed. His smile was gone. He began to walk on his toes. He stopped responding to his name, playing with toys, chewing food. He began to gnaw furniture, books, and other inedible items. Rough red spots appeared on his skin. He slept for 15-30 minutes and then cried in hysterics, if not lulled to sleep.

Doctors diagnosed organic brain damage (leukoencephalopathy)

Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.


Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.



We began to look for specialists in government clinics and private centers. We were constantly promised that now this pill, injection, therapy would change everything. Doctors attributed all problems to stress, teeth, and birth trauma.

We had to sell our apartment to raise funds for the treatment. Nevertheless, in the end, there was just bitter disappointment. When Kiryusha was 2.5 years old, he was registered with a psychiatrist with a diagnosis of autism.

Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.

For 6 years of raising money, several funds helped us: WorldVita (511,000 rubles), “Mercy” (58,000 rubles), “Nadezhda” (58,000 rubles), “We Give Good Together” (20,000 rubles), “Our City” (60,000 rubles), the project “He needs you” (150,000 rubles).

We went through a lot until we found our specialists and methods that worked for us.

Now our family is raising money for a year’s course of treatment for our child at the центре Atlantis center, Belgium, rehabilitation at the Aurora development center and classes in Moscow.

It is necessary to undergo the treatment with sessions to improve brain function. Also, diets, medications, intensive habilitation for 15-20 hours a week (ABA therapy, sensory integration, speech therapist, swimming pool, adaptive physical education). Additionally: examinations and tests.

1 course of treatment + accommodation and a flight to Belgium is € 1,500. Habilitation in Yekaterinburg requires 60,000 rubles a month. In addition, there are trips to Moscow specialists for intensive sessions. The cost of 3 weeks is 210,000 rubles + housing rent (we try to pay rent ourselves). Medical examinations during the year are 60,000 rubles. Medical consultations are 3,500-10,000 rubles per consultation. Besides, there are swimming pools and alpine skiing in winter and rollers in summer.



Now Kirill is 7 and he still doesn’t speak and doesn’t understand speech. He can only show what he wants with cards.

Kirill is a very affectionate and obedient child (considering his condition). Children are drawn to him in kindergarten. He loves cartoons and listening to music, swimming in the pool, walking in the forest or park.

We have already made many improvements. Now, more than ever, it is important to fight for our boy’s health! We really want Kirill to be able to live, study, and develop independently.

We are grateful to Alex Reinhardt, who helped and continues to help us. It was he who told us about the platform where you can get free financial support and thank those who it.

Now we have a real chance to help our son and receive constant financial assistance on the platform. Moreover, not raising money bit by bit from various funds and worry that we will not be able to collect the necessary amount for the treatment next month.

Charity project: Kirill Ekimenko, 7 years old.

Now the health of our son is in your hands. Please, support Kiryusha, give him a chance to recover!

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