Charity project: Milana Zvyagintseva, a four and a half year old

A radiant girl who doesn’t give up.

We are the Zvyagintsev family from the city of Mikhailovsk, Stavropol Territory. Together for 10 years, blessed with two children, we love life, despite great difficulties…

My name is Olesya and I am Milana’s mother. As the homemaker I have no other workplace. My husband, Eugene is disabled. He works in the real estate industry.

Charity project: Milana Zvyagintseva, a four and a half year old

We were very much looking forward to having a child. The pregnancy was rather difficult. At 38 weeks, an emergency caesarean section was performed; our twins were born, two girls. Maria’s weight was within the normal range, 2.9 kg. But Milanka was born weighing 2.030 kg.

On the second day, the child developed respiratory problems and was placed in intensive care on a respirator.

The doctors diagnosed: Hypoxic-ischemic lesions of the central nervous system, diagnosed a delay in motor skills and speech development known as bulbar syndrome.

Charity project: Milana Zvyagintseva, a four and a half year old

After leaving the maternity hospital, Milanka was transferred to the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital of Stavropol. The child was on treatment for 4 months. The child was restless, could not swallow and suck independently (tube feeding) and lost a lot of weight.

After being discharged from the hospital, the child’s condition worsened and she was re-hospitalised.

Milano has a congenital disease. All of the above diagnoses and diseases require constant rehabilitation procedures. This is the only way we can improve the physical and psychomotor state of the child.



Now Milana is four and a half years old, her weight is only 10 kg and she is a mute. She is a kind child who smiles delightfully. She loves books with bright pictures, building towers with her little sister, swimming in the pool and walking in the park on weekends.

At the moment, our world revolves around our children. We devote most of our time to Milana who requires examination, treatment and rehabilitation.

Olesya, their mother, is an orphan. The father, Eugene is the sole bread winner. His parents and relatives have no means to help out.

We have repeatedly been awarded modest funds from our local council. We have also applied to private rehabilitation centres and Chinese rehabilitation therapists, but we were unfortunately unsuccessful.

It is not the best time for fundraising in the current climate; there are a lot of scammers and people are social distancing, avoiding contact. We understand and try to be as open as possible: we make video calls, invite people to our house to visit the child and view relevant documents. There were also problems with the treatment itself, as it is difficult to find good and experienced specialists.

As a result, we found a solution – this is to unite with other families and parents of sick children for joint funding and to utilise the services of private specialists and doctors (private rehabilitation). A group of parents (10-15 people) who have sick children, call upon trusted doctors from Russia and invite them to our city. We rent accommodation for the doctors, pay for the course of treatment and their travel.

300 thousand rubles will be required for the next course of treatment. Treatment will take place according to the Tomatis method, additionally Bobat and Voyta therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, speech therapist and neuropsychologist services.

A week of rest and a new course of treatment is needed again. The fee changes every month. In addition to treatment, 50-60 thousand rubles are needed monthly for exercise therapy, swimming pool and massage.

Like any parent, we want happiness for our child in order that her life can reflect that of an ordinary healthy baby. For starters, for Milanka to finally start talking and gain weight.

We are grateful to Alex Reinhardt, who helped and continues to help us. It was he who told us about the platform where you can get free financial support and at the same time thank those who provide this support.

Now we have a real chance to help our daughter and receive constant financial assistance on the platform rather than raising funds bit by bit from various sources and the hope of relieving the worry that we will not be able to collect the necessary amount for treatment next month.

Charity project: Milana Zvyagintseva, a four and a half year old

Now the health of our girl is in your hands. Please support our daughter, give her a chance to recover!

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