“Neverstress” is a unique remedy for stress and anxiety management

Introducing Neverstress, a revolutionary drug free treatment for chronic stress, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks, developed by an international team of doctors and scientists.

This new treatment is already being used by:

  • Several top European football clubs.
  • Russian Olympic teams in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronous swimming.
  • Show business stars.
  • Patients with diabetes.
  • Patients of several dozen medical centers in Russia and Europe.

Why do people need a new stress reliever?

More than 80% of all diseases are caused by chronic stress: vegetative-vascular dystonia, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, just to name a few. Our ancestors reacted instantaneously to any situation that gave them stress: they either fought or ran away. A modern person is forced to live in a state of chronic stress, for example, media bombards us daily with news about many terrible events that we have no influence over, but we must just continue to live in the shadow of this information.

How can you deal with chronic stress? Some find relief in sports and meditation, others use alcohol. These choices do not always give the desired results, and in the case of alcohol, they create additional problems. Recently, a guaranteed stress reliever has emerged: a team of doctors has been testing Neverstress for 10 years and have recorded phenomenal results.

How Neverstress deals with stress

The product is based on an active substance – spectral information copies of biologically active substances and biological components such as plants, trace elements, minerals and others.
An active substance, synthesized on the basis of useful elements, vibrates at a special frequency. Vibration creates an energy field around a person, which has a positive effect on the body, calms the nervous system and harmonizes internal processes. In an environment where medicine cannot offer cures for chronic heart disease and other anxiety disorders, Neverstress comes out as a convenient solution to these age old problems.

In order to feel the effect of the product on yourself, you need to keep the Neverstress device in close proximity to your body: in the pocket of your clothing or, it can be worn around your neck. Since the agent is non-drug, its usage does not require determination of a safe dosage or specialized medical consultation, and has no side effects.

Effects of Neverstress on the body

The mechanism of Neverstress operation is cumulative, and is based on the parametric resonance of the active substance with super weak interactions within a person’s body: gradually their amplitude increases, natural oscillations increase more and more, which over time has a positive restorative effect on the body as a whole.

Nevertheless, the drug is contraindicated in children under 5 years of age, people suffering from mental disorders, pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

In what form is Neverstress available?

Neverstress comes in two options – a waterproof card or a pendant. Another option currently in the development stage is a ring. There is no functional difference between these various options; you just need to choose what is more convenient to you. Thus, the card can be easily put into the pocket of clothes and carried close to the body, whereas the pendant can be hung around the neck or also put in the pocket. Besides, Neverstress offers sets for couples or for families of up to 4 people.

Athletes were among the first to use Neverstress: players from top football clubs in Europe, Russian Olympic teams in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. Neverstress is known to be helping them achieve better results.

Influential politicians, businessmen and stars of show business use Neverstress so as to calmly face the most unexpected circumstances. Entrepreneur Alex Reinhardt, Neverstress’s brand ambassador, is renowned for his ability to keep his composure in every situation. One of the secrets of Alex’s success: he took part in testing Neverstress, was the first to experience all its benefits, and already for several years has always carried a card and a pendant with him.

Patients from several medical centers in Russia and Europe, including those with diabetes, took part in the Neverstress trials. Each of them reported improvement in overall health, and a number of patients experienced symptomatic relief of their ailments. For example, because Neverstress lowers blood sugar levels, about a third of diabetic patients have been able to stop taking insulin. There have been no clinical trials of the drug in the fight against COVID-19, but it is known that none of those who constantly carried the Neverstress with them were infected with the virus.

Production of Neverstress

Production of Neverstress is quite time consuming and complex. It is being conducted in four countries at once. On one hand, the fact that production stages have been spread across several geographic locations allows us to speed up processes and eliminates the possibility of downtime: everything is being done simultaneously in an overlapping fashion, and we do not have to wait for the completion of one stage to proceed to the next.

On the other hand, this approach requires serious work and setting up of logistics. To maintain production at the proper level, we must ensure the uninterrupted operation of transport, work out the optimal routes, take into account the laws and regulations of several countries, and possible force majeure circumstances. All this is impossible without some significant investments, thanks to which we plan to maintain high level and tempo of production.

Support and awards for participants

Now we are raising funds for launching full and large-scale of production of this amazing product. Anyone who helps to put production on stream will receive Neverstress cards or pendants as a gift.

For freezing 200 PLCs, you receive a Neverstress card as a gift.

For freezing 250 PLCs, you receive a Neverstress pendant as a gift.

For freezing 300 PLCs, you get a set – a Neverstress card and pendant in a gift box.

For freezing 400 PLCs you get the Neverstress Set for a family of 4, which includes 4 pendants.

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