Self-cleaning water filters

5 degrees of cleaning” – 10 years of drinking water without having to buy cartridges



At birth, a baby is composed of 87.8% water. The infant is filled with invigorating, refreshing, light, life-giving water, which for the nine months of pregnancy was passed on and recycled through their mother’s body. However, when we get to middle age, we’re only 60% water, and in older age, only 47% water. As we age, together with having less water in us, we also lose our exuberance and vitality. Since light, structured water is the basis of human photosynthesis. The quantum decomposes the water molecule onto the proton and positron, forming erythrocytes and haemoglobin.

Our life and health depend directly on the purity of water. That is true for all animals, plants, and living creators on planet earth, as well as for the planet itself. However, tap water is unsuitable for consumption in its raw form because it contains a lot of chlorine and heavy metals that are then deposited in our body when we drink the water.

Furthermore, water has a memory. As water flows from reservoirs, upper floors to lower floors, it passes through pipes and bends, reaching your tap, it has changed its structure and DNA several times.

The water captures sounds and all information, including the negative – quarrels, swearing, etc.- from neighbouring apartments, and records it. Every time we use such “dirty and heavy” water, the water in our body also changes at the DNA level.

Just imagine how important it is to use not only water that is clean from mechanical impurities, but also in terms of its informational structure.

Super clean, drinking water is almost impossible to buy in our shops. 99.9% of mineral water contains a large quantity of potassium, sodium and magnesium and other impurities that clog our kidneys and liver, and that’s then deposited in our blood vessels. Now count the years you’ve been drinking water? And no matter how much we drink ordinary water, it does not increase the percentage of water in our cells, working only on the metabolism of the body.

Water from wells and rivers is also often polluted by chemical waste that feeds into soil and water. Yes, at first glance, the water is clean, but if you look at its structure and impurity, it can be unhealthy and dangerous to drink it.

What kind of water do you consume? What do your little children drink? What kind of water waters the fields of our farms? What kind of water do they use for the animal farm? Questions we rarely ask ourselves.

Project idea

More than 80% of all water pollution consists of mechanical pollution (suspended matter). All filters are cleaned by taking over the dirt. They are, therefore, very rapidly polluted (1-5 tons of water throughput).

If these contaminants are not removed, then no filters (chemical, biological) can purify the water, because these suspended solids, or “mud” will blast through the filter itself.

To solve the problem of the pollution of filters and continually having to change cartridges, a team of Russian scientists have developed the world’s first universal ultra-thin string-membrane filter. It can be used in flats, homes, households and industrial production. They are self-cleaning filters without cartridges, which purify, decontaminate and structure (“revitalise”) water at the molecular level, for a minimum of 10 years.

Product description and main benefits

What target audience is the product designed for?

The device has no contraindications or limitations at any age and can be used from the cradle to the grave.

What is the uniqueness of the product, the technology?

For the first time in the world, the Sozidatelintelect “Creator” filter combined five stages and types of water purification in one device without using replaceable cartridges:

  1. Ultra-mechanic – particulate and suspended particles;
  2. Bactericidal – decontamination of infectious diseases;
  3. Energy Information – Purification of all energy information pollution.
  4. Biological: removal of soluble and inorganic impurities;
  5. Antiparasitic – designed to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation.

Advantages of filters

  • The world’s first filter with five more effective cleaning stages
  • Patented and unique technology that has no analogues
  • No need to change cartridges – filters are self-cleaning
  • Operation period from 10 years without additional costs
  • 15 ways of application: in apartment, farm, production
  • The filter converts heavy water with impurities into live structured water.
  • Erases negative and transmits positive information to water
  • Makes water soft, tasty, without chlorine and metal odour
  • Gives youth, health and longevity – enhances immunity
  • Saves on detergents, and removes scale and rust.
  • Accelerates plant growth and increases yields

How do “Creator” filters differ from other filters?

The main competitors are Honeywell filters from Germany. Honeywell 100 – 150 micron filters are extremely thin and clog very quickly. Our filters, on the other hand, with filtration fineness of 10-1 microns, give 10-150 times better water purification. Also, the filters are self-cleaning, so never get dirty, and are free of contaminants. The “Creator” filter technology is patented and combines a number of advanced technological solutions of the space and defence industry.

Self-cleaning water filters


How our filters work

Filters of the Soyuzintellect series have 5 levels of water purification and structuring.

Operation principle of the filters

Self-cleaning water filters

1. Ultra-Mechanical Cleaning

The Soyuzintellect “Creator” filters do not have the usual filter mesh or any replaceable cartridge of volume filtration. A string-membrane filter element located in the filter housing is used. The diaphragm-string provides ultrafine mechanical cleaning of any liquids (the inter-screw space is 0.5 microns).

2. Bactericidal Cleaning

The membrane string consists of a special thin wire and is coated with activated ultrapure silver (9,999), 3 microns thick. It penetrates deeply into the metal crystal lattice and emits silver ions necessary for bactericidal water treatment. This ensures that water passing through the string membrane is protected from all kinds of infectious agents.

3. Energy Purification

There are “poly gradient magnets” in the “Creator” filter case. It removes the accumulated “dirty” information, which may remain in the water even after the most thorough filtering.

Between the magnets are rock crystal and amber. They transmit ultrafine fields and energy to the water that have accumulated in them over millions of years.

Such a biomagnetic system structures, “enlivens” the water and has a healing effect on many diseases. Life expectancy in Japan has increased by 25 years, thanks to the use of such methods to revive water.

4. Biological purification

The softening filter is based on ion exchange resin. It improves the taste of water and makes it softer. It removes limescale on heating elements of household appliances (kettles, irons, washing machines).

5. Antiparasitic cleaning

The basis of the filter is activated coconut carbon. Unlike other filters, it does not release previously adsorbed pollutants into clean water.

It purifies water from chlorine, organochlorine compounds, pesticides, oil products, lead, copper, and heavy metals. Moreover, it removes bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, and parasites. It eliminates any residues medicines, antibiotics, fertilisers, unpleasant odours, and significantly improves its taste.

It is used as a deodorant filter, for the final water purification at the last stage of “under the sink” systems.

Filters of the Sozidatel “Creator” series are a reliable and straightforward way to obtain pure structured water that quenches the thirst of every cell of our body.

Additional product features

The filters have passed more than 100 medical tests and confirmed the healing power of the filtered water. They received 5 gold medals at Russian and international exhibitions, certification from the Bortnik Foundation. We have all the necessary certificates and permits of the State Standard, medical reports.

Various modifications of filters have been developed, from household to industrial. The productivity ranges from 1 to 60 m3 / h (from 1 ton of water per hour to 600+ tons) with a cleaning efficiency of 10 to 1 micron. Simultaneously, the dimensions also increase in proportion to the productivity from 19×10 cm (height, width) to 100×40 cm.

Filters allow you to solve the problem with water in any water supply system – from a cottage to a thermal power plant. It is possible to customise the parameters, dimensions and filtration efficiency for each specific case.

The filters are made of medical brass and medical steel.

There’s a twelve-month warranty.

Additional filter applications.

  1. Filtration and conversion of water in cold water supply systems in city districts, apartment buildings, schools, crèches, hospitals, industrial and other facilities.
  2. Crop production. Three to five times faster germination and seed growth. Frost resistance and disease resistance enhanced, increased yield, and less fertiliser is needed.
  3. Raising Livestock. In animals, the body’s resistance increases, they get sick less, and the mortality decreases. The quality of meat and milk improves. The number of antibiotics is decreasing.
  4. Poultry farming. In poultry, egg production increases, and the body’s resistance increases, morbidity decreases, mortality decreases, and the amount of antibiotics decreases.
  5. Fountains, decorative ponds and water features. The filter prevents cyanogenesis and blue-green algae formation. Water in reservoirs does not bloom longer and does not rot.
  6. Cleaning of reservoirs and tanks. Stops the deposition of various fractions on the inner walls of containers, cleans the accumulated ones. For example, it promotes detachment of rust from the inner surface of the container.
  7. Construction. Increases the strength of concrete, and reduces the need for special additives.
  8. Cathodic protection of pipes. Increased service life of pipes.
  9. Preparation of water-based emulsions. Acceleration of chemical reactions, improving the quality of uniformity of emulsions (alcohol content, oil content, etc.).
  10. The Food industry. The filter improves the composition and taste of bakery, meat, dairy, and alcoholic beverages, etc.
  11. The Perfume industry. The quality of creams, gels, emulsions, water-based tonics is improving.
  12. Swimming Pools. Reducing the use of chemicals, improving water quality.
  13. Sports. Improving the quality and properties of ice. For example, increasing the sliding of the ice surface for skaters up to 20%!

Project author and team

Self-cleaning water filters

Yaroslav Verzhbitsky is a scientist, physicist, and inventor. He creates inventions that make the world and people’s lives healthier and happier, on the principles of morality, and humanism. Yaroslav Verzhbitsky is also the President of Rosintellect Foundation and the Soyuzintellect Company. He has been in the high tech market for over 30 years and is the founder and president of the International Electronic Technology and Investment Exchange. Since 1991, he has obtained more than 20 copyrighted patents for inventions and created industrial and utility models.

Other partners involved in the development of the Soyuzintellect “Creator” filter:

Employees at the Institute of The Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences FIAN (ФИАН). Partners, like-minded people of the Medical and Technological Academy of Russia. And members of the “All-Russian” “Rosintellect” Foundation.

Timeline, goals and terms of the project

To date, we have been able to establish the production of small quantities of household and industrial filters. Our technology is continually improving. Funding is needed for mass production and an advertising campaign to sell the filters in Russian, and internationally to Europe, and the Asian and American markets.

For full-scale production with the development of new ideas and improvement of technology, €1,000,000 is needed for the production of household and industrial filters, and the launch of an advertising campaign in foreign countries.

The cost of the filter: from €200 for household filters and from €1,750 for industrial filters.

List of lots (gifts) and information on delivery

Filter “Creator -3” (for a flat, private house 3 m³/hour): 200 euros
Filter “Creator -10” (for a large house with a swimming pool, 10 m³/hour): 420 euros
Industrial filter “Creator -20” (20 m³/hour): €560
Industrial filter “Creator -40” (40 m³/hour): €1,750


The device can be obtained by calling the phone. Delivery takes place all over the world. Delivery within two days after the order is placed in Moscow.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Q. How much money should I spend on filter maintenance?
О. Thanks to the unique self-cleaning system, you won’t spend a penny on filter maintenance.

2. Q. My water is very hard, will the filter work for me?
О. Yes! The system of magnetic-molecular transformation of the water structure will make the water soft and “alive”.

3. Q. You have an extensive choice of different filters. Which filter is the right one for me?
О. For a flat in a residential building, the Creator-3 filter is perfect. For a house, choose the Creator-10 or the Creator-20. For industrial purposes, we recommend the more powerful filters Creator-40, 60, 100 (200, 300 etc.)

4. Q. What is the shelf life of the filter?
О. The filter will work in optimal condition for more than ten years.

5. Q. And how does the filter self-clean?
О. To clean the filter, you need to open the drain tap located at the bottom of the filter.


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