Tiny House Village

Well-being character in the smallest of spaces

Funding goal:  1.250.000 Euro
Funding period: 6 month

Location: Forest of Steigerwald
Contact: mario.bruecher@gmail.com


Tiny House Village


The planned Tiny House Settlement will come into being in a quiet, yet close to the town center, residential area in the Steigerwald between Bamberg and Würzburg. The property with a size of approx. 2000 m2 will be acquired by us. The former campsite will be re-planned and created into a Tiny-House Village.

Tiny House Village


Our concept provides the following features:

  • Common areas for growing fruit and vegetables
  • Play and fitness areas
  • Common green areas with a pavilion and barbecue area
  • A central, barrier-free, senior and handicapped accessible building for shared use with:
  • Meeting / event room with a small kitchen
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Workshop / equipment room
  • Storage room
  • Tiny Houses for guests

Conform to noise-reduced living car parking spaces will be erected at the entrance of the grounds.

Living together

Because of the financial conditions that retirees and students are facing, we have decided to finance this project with your help. The crowdfunding platform offers the ideal opportunity to give these people back a piece of quality of life. Unfortunately, many people today do not have the financial reserves to afford affordable housing, let alone finding some at all.

That’s why pensioners, students and singles have the opportunity here
to live in their own home either permanently or only from time to time
and to help shape a society far from the general madness. All people should be given a chance to live their lives as comfortable as possible.

With this we are taking into account the wide variety of experiences and life situations
of interested parties and thus creating a place with new forms of living and residing – for Young and Old! This will create a cornerstone for these people.

The environmental thought

From an ecological point of view, we are developing a future-oriented concept here. In addition to sustainability in the construction of the Tiny Houses, through the use of ecological building materials,
we consider the following points:

low surface sealing by

  • small floor space of the Tiny Houses
  • no streets, parking spaces and garages with forecourt on the facility
  • paths with an infiltration surface
  • installation of a photovoltaic system for general needs (Sidewalk lighting, community house, …) and to cover the individual electricity consumption of the Tiny Houses
  • heating concept with air / heat exchanger or combined heat and power
  • bicycle, car and equipment sharing

Tiny House Village

Tiny House Village


It could look like this…

The residential units will consist exclusively of one and two-room apartments with a size of approx. 35 – 50 m2 that will be rented out as Tiny House apartments or by hire purchase. The residential units will always differ a little in size and equipment, however, all of them will be provided with high quality products. All apartments should meet the KfW and energy standard 55.

The currently available areas will be designed in a park-like manner and in line with the existing nature. It is planned to create several planting beds for the individual plots, so that you can plant and utilize them according to your own needs.

The rest of the garden planning will take place in accordance with an outdoor facility plan, taking into account any regulatory requirements. Quiet zones and common zones in the outdoors such as areas to relax as well as seating and barbecue areas will be integrated.

The rent level is at a net rent of EUR 3.50 to EUR 5.00 / m2, which represents a very reasonable legitimate amount.

Tiny House Village


I look forward to your support with warmest regards

Mario Brücher

Funding Goal

EUR 1,250,000 for the acquisition of the land and the construction of 15 Tiny Houses, including furnishing and design of the outdoor facilities.

Contribute For Reward

200 PLC

2 free nights stay in a Tiny House.

Use this gift-code while booking: Tiny01


2.000 PLC

14 free nights stay in a Tiny House.

Use this gift-code while booking: Tiny02


10.000 PLC

4 weeks free stay in a Tiny House.

Use this gift-code while booking: Tiny03

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