Bleep Bleeps raises financing 5 times greater than target sum to build smartphone controlled motion detector

Bleep Bleeps, a startup known for manufacturing smart gadgets for parents, has raised 91 thousand dollars from 1100 investors. The project initially aimed towards a goal of 20 thousand.

Bleep Bleeps specializes in creating gadgets that make life easier for parents. Their product range includes baby monitors, electric toothbrushes, ‘smart’ alarm clocks and thermoses, GPS trackers, clocks, thermometers, and night lights.

The startup is currently working on a motion sensor that can be controlled through your smartphone. The developers claim that their miniature alarm called Sammy Screamer can be attached to any object (such as a stroller or crib), sending a signal to the app whenever this object moves.

The company will put all these funds towards developing the sensor, the app that is necessary for its activation, as well as souvenirs for certain sponsors on Kickstarter.

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