Kickstarter campaign raises 900 thousand pounds towards creating an updated version of a 1980s British computer

In just two days, a project focused on developing an updated version of a 1980s British computer successfully raised the target funding of 250 000 pounds. The project raised a total of 900 000 pounds, with over 2500 sponsors participating in the campaign.

ZX Spectrum Next Issue is an updated version of the retro computer ZX Spectrum Next, which also raised funds on Kickstarter 3 years ago. The new release has a fast processor, twice as much RAM and the option of watching videos in higher resolution. Meanwhile, the computer will also play original gaming cassettes that were released in the 1980s.

Company representatives announced their intentions of selling over five thousand units of ZX Spectrum Next Issue (three thousand units of the previous model were sold). This is a realistic plan: according to David Douglas from the YouTube Channel RoseTintedSpectrum, the developer community supports this new computer, providing many games for this device. David himself supported the project by investing 325 pounds. ‘I knew about the success of the previous campaign and I was certain that the final product would also be successful,’ he said.

It’s worth noting that not all projects in this industry have met the expectations of sponsors. For example, the Vega+ console which raised funds through Indiegogo flopped on the market and lost the right to use ZX Spectrum and Sinclair trademarks.

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