How to support a project on the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform

Platin Hero offers a revolutionary crowdfunding model for our sponsors – for the first time, you can support projects without the risk of losing your own funds. Platin Hero sponsors don’t need to send their funds anywhere – they just freeze them in their wallet until the end of the project’s collection period. 

In this post, we’ll share a detailed guide on how to become a sponsor on the Platin Hero platform and start earning money from supporting projects.

Supporting projects on Platin Hero is easy and profitable. Try it now!

  1. Register
  2. Choose one or more crowdfunding projects you like.
  3. Determine the amount in PLCU coins you are willing to freeze to help the project.
  4. If the funders of the selected project offer several reward options, select the reward you like the most.

Which bonuses can you get with Platin Hero crowdfunding? 

  • Rewards – some projects offer gifts to their sponsors, which vary depending on the amount of support.

To support a project, you must register as a user on Platin Hero. After registering, you will gain access to your personal cabinet where you can track the status of the projects you support. Next, complete a few simple steps: 

On the home page, you will find a catalog of crowdfunding projects listed by category. Choose a project you are interested in supporting. We’re sure that you will find many unique projects worthy of your attention and support.

Choose your support method and donation amount. Then click on DONATE to get to the QR code page with your smart contract.

Scan the QR code in the Ultima Wallet app and confirm the smart contract for the selected amount. Important: Project support and smart contracts on Platin Hero are done through the Ultima Wallet app. To support projects, download the app and add PLCUs to your wallet balance.


You can support an unlimited number of projects. All information about the projects you support will be available in your personal cabinet.

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