Introducing the new Platin Hero!


You’ve probably heard that we’ve recently launched the powerful PLC Ultima coin, which has already reached a rate of $100,000 and continues to grow steadily. There are many reasons behind this growth – a powerful team, a large community, and unique products, but the key reason is the infrastructure behind the coin. The PLC Ultima team has done everything to ensure that the PLCU blockchain can withstand any load, while remaining stable and secure. That’s why we’ve decided to move all of our key projects to the new blockchain infrastructure, including the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform.

How will this transition impact users of the platform?

After the transition to the new blockchain, which will be completed by April 30, a number of changes will occur on the site, but the key functionality will not change: Platin Hero will remain a platform where projects and people can find funding for their ideas.

An important change will be a more profitable minting process, with a rate of 100% on the new platform. The network module will be disabled, which means that projects will receive even more money. You can read more about all the changes in this article.

In the near future, when the transition is complete, the site will be fully operational and will reopen to projects. All projects that failed to raise money on Platin Hero earlier will be able to create a new fundraiser and try their luck again.

Ever since we launched Platin Hero, we’ve welcomed thousands of new members, who are always eager to learn more and will be happy to support any initiative! We’ve already received dozens of applications from all over the world. If you’ve been dreaming of launching your own project and don’t know where to get funding, you’re welcome to join our new Platin Hero!

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